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The Spectra Channel
OEM manufacturing relationship for
specialty products

Spectra Colors Corporation (SCC), based in North America, is a specialized supplier of dyes for all types of industries. SCC has earned the respect of its customers with its ability to understand customer needs and supply of high quality dyes at cost effective rates. Customers have reposed confidence in SCC for their multifarious colorants application over last 20 years.

SCC is an importer, exporter, distributor and customized color-matching supplier of dyestuffs. SCC is centrally located in USA - near a wide variety of local transportation facilities as well as the New York and New Jersey piers and Newark International Airport. Their headquarters consists of warehouse, production, office and laboratory space. Their full service laboratory can perform various tests to insure the quality of our dyes to all the industries we supply.

In January 1998 K. Patel appointed SCC as their exclusive distributor in North and South America for Solvent Dyes for use in inks. SCC and K. Patel have worked together for the last 15 years to develop pure dyes for specialty markets such as ball point pen inks, marker inks, ribbon inks and inkjet inks. In 2009 they have decided to extend this co-operation to new levels for OEM manufacturing relationship for specialty products used for children's markers.

SCC has its Sales Agents throughout the United States, South East Asia, Europe, South and Central America, with sales throughout the world. Spectra as developed valued customer base with likes of Allied Signal, Sanford Inks, Crayola, Colgate-Palmolive, Kiwi Brands and others.

K.Patel's association with SCC is an attempt to be close to the customer, helping as a medium to reach them quickly in North American and Latin American with even more custom applications.

SCC Contacts:

Contacting Spectra
Mr. Luis B. Marrero
Spectra Colors Corp.
25 Rizzolo Road Kearny,
NJ 07032

In the US:
Tel.: 800 527 8588
Fax: 800 635 1811
E-mail: dyes@spectracolors.com
Web site: www.spectracolors.com

Outside the US:
Tel.: 201 997 0606
Fax: 201 997 0504
E-mail: dyes@spectracolors.com
Web site: www.spectracolors.com

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